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Global Migration Seminar: Negotiating Distance after Migration - Sending and Carrying Things Across Borders


This seminar considers the role of sending and carrying things in the reconfiguration of relationships across borders after migration.
In particular, it will be discussed how sending things especially highlights the emotional, economic and physical/infrastructural distances involved in post-migration connections.

Alla Global Migration-seminarier börjar med en gemensam frukost kl. 8:30 i köket på Institutionen för globala studier (Vån 4, hus 2E, Campus Linné)

Based on interviews undertaken with Polish and Zimbabwean migrants in the UK, the presentation will underline several points about post-migration sending and carrying.
First, it asserts the role of care in these transnational practices - that for all the social obligation tied up with the practice of sending, there is an underlying care and emotional commitment which ultimately drives these activities.

Second, it considers in more detail what is actually sent back and forth, why the materiality of these objects is so important to this practice, and the economic asymmetries they also embody.

Third, it acknowledges the practical dimensions and hurdles of sending and carrying, emphasising the need to think more carefully about the significance of post-migration infrastructures and the 'infrastructuring' practices migrants routinely undertake.

Dr Kathy Burrell, Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Liverpool, is a migration specialist with interests in the intersecting themes of mobilities, materiality and memory.

Her research has focused especially on Polish migration to the UK, from WW2 through to the socialist and post-socialist, post-accession and now Brexit eras, looking at shifting mobility regimes and infrastructures and how they are experienced and navigated.

She has also been writing recently about graphic narrative representations of the 'European refugee crisis', thinking about the decolonial work sympathetic depictions of refugee experiences are able to do in current anti-refugee, Islamaphobic climates.

Föreläsare: Dr Kathy Burrell, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Liverpool

Datum: 2018-02-14

Tid: 09:15 - 11:00

Kategorier: Kulturstudier, Forskning, Tvärvetenskap, Samhällsvetenskap, Etnologi, Humaniora, Internationellt, Mångfald

Arrangör: CGM

Plats: Globala studier, Konstepidemins väg 2
Rum C417

Ytterligare information:
Burrell 2017 The recalcitrance of distance Mobilities.pdf

Kontaktperson: Centrum för Global Migration

Sidansvarig: Lars-Olof Karlsson|Sidan uppdaterades: 2011-12-21

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