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Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences
PO Box 700
SE405 30 Göteborg
Delivery address: Konstepidemins väg 2A, 405 30 Göteborg
Visiting address: Konstepidemins väg 2A, 413 14 Göteborg

Web Page: www.samfak.gu.se
Email: samkansli@samfak.gu.se

Dean: Malin Broberg

About the unit

The Faculty of Social Sciences has the highest number of undergraduates in the University. Many of the most popular programmes at the University of Gothenburg are to be found here.

Psychology, European Studies, Social Work, and Human Resource Development and Labour Relations. The SOM Institute (Society, Opinion, Media) carries out media research and a large number of statistic surveys every year, for instance in the run-up to elections to the Swedish Parliament.

The faculty's programme in Public Administration was the first education programme to be accredited by the European Association for European Research.
Centres of research

The Faculty of Social Sciences also acts as host to other centres of research, among them the Centre for European Research (CERGU) and QoG - the Quality of Government Institute.

Senior officers

Malin Broberg, dean
Kristian Daneback, pro-dean
Sylva Frisk, assistant dean


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Name Title Phone Email
Olsén, Antje Study counsellor +46 31 7861680 antje.olsen@gu.se
Opaas Haugli, Kristin Doctoral Student kristin.opaas.haugli@gu.se
Orjuela, Camilla Professor +46 31 7865873 camilla.orjuela@globalstudies.gu.se
Oskarson, Maria Professor +46 31 7864687 maria.oskarson@pol.gu.se
Paerregaard, Karsten Professor karsten.paerregaard@globalstudies.gu.se
Palmérus, Kerstin +46 31 7864273 kerstin.palmerus@psy.gu.se
Parashar, Swati Senior lecturer +46 31 7864401 swati.parashar@gu.se
Parker, Adrian Professor emeritus +46 31 7861699 adrian.parker@psy.gu.se
Peixoto, Anna Senior lecturer, Head of Department +46 31 7866140 anna.peixoto@av.gu.se
Permanto, Stefan Researcher stefan.permanto@globalstudies.gu.se
Pernes, Josefine Degree programme coordinator +46 31 7866912 josefine.pernes@gu.se
Persdotter, Josefin Doctoral student josefin.persdotter@socav.gu.se
Persson, Anna Senior lecturer +46 31 7864947 anna.persson@pol.gu.se
Persson, Mikael Professor +46 31 7864146 mikael.persson@pol.gu.se
Persson, Sara Associate researcher +46 31 7864123 sara.persson.2@gu.se
Persson, Sofia Senior lecturer +46 31 7865827 sofia.persson@sociology.gu.se
Peterson, Abby Professor emerita +46 31 7865350 abby.peterson@socav.gu.se
Peterson, Helen Senior lecturer +46 31 7863765 helen.peterson@gu.se
Petersson, Cecilia Programme coordinator +46 31 7866932 cecilia.petersson@psy.gu.se
Petersson, Frida Senior lecturer +46 31 7866383 frida.petersson@socwork.gu.se
Petersson, Hans Lecturer hans.petersson@kfi.se
Petersson, Jesper Senior lecturer +46 31 7864397 jesper.petersson@socav.gu.se
Pettersson, Jane Doctoral student +46 31 7864790 jane.pettersson@gu.se
Philipson Isaac, Sarah Doctoral student sarah.philipson.isaac@gu.se
Pierre, Jon Professor +46 31 7861246 jon.pierre@pol.gu.se
Polk, Jonathan Senior lecturer +46 31 7866360 jonathan.polk@gu.se
Polk, Merritt Professor, Head of Department +46 31 7864942 merritt.polk@globalstudies.gu.se
Pousette, Anders Senior lecturer +46 31 7864283 anders.pousette@psy.gu.se
Povitkina, Marina Postdoctor +46 31 7865059 marina.povitkina@gu.se
Prytz, Jesper Doctoral student jesper.prytz@gu.se
Punzi, Elisabeth Senior lecturer elisabeth.punzi@socwork.gu.se
Påfs, Jessica Senior lecturer +46 31 7865731 jessica.pafs@socwork.gu.se
Ramsälv, Amanda Doctoral student +46 31 7864995 amanda.ramsalv@jmg.gu.se
Rapp Ricciardi, Max Senior lecturer +46 31 7864272 max.rapp.ricciardi@psy.gu.se
Rask, Nanna Doctoral student nanna.rask@gu.se
Rauch, Dietmar Senior lecturer dietmar.rauch@gu.se
Ravazdi, Manuela Receptionist +46 31 7861701 manuela.ravazdi@psy.gu.se
Raveendran Pillai, Shreeya Associate researcher shreeya.pillai@gu.se
Ray, Jeremy Senior lecturer, Director of Studies +46 31 7861640 jeremy.ray@psy.gu.se
Reifler, Jason Professor, gäst jason.reifler.2@gu.se
Reinholdsson, Tommy Associate researcher tommy.reinholdsson@psy.gu.se
Rekker, Roderik Postdoctor +46 31 7861104 roderik.rekker@gu.se
Renström, Emma Senior lecturer +46 31 7866286 emma.renstrom@psy.gu.se
Reskow, Gisela Lecturer +46 31 7866381 gisela.reskow@socwork.gu.se
Ring, Emmy Doctoral student emmy.jonasson.ring@gu.se
Robertson, Felicia Doctoral student +46 31 7861113 felicia.robertson@gu.se
Rodin, Pavel Doctoral student +46 31 7865344 pavel.rodin@jmg.gu.se
Rogat, Mauricio Doctoral student +46 31 7865583 mauricio.rogat@gu.se
Rolandsson, Bertil Senior lecturer +46 31 7866371 bertil.rolandsson@gu.se
Rolstad, Sindre Engelbrekt Senior lecturer +46 31 7861629 sindre.rolstad@neuro.gu.se

Showing 601 - 650 of 866

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