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Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences
PO Box 700
SE405 30 Göteborg
Delivery address: Konstepidemins väg 2A, 405 30 Göteborg
Visiting address: Konstepidemins väg 2A, 413 14 Göteborg

Web Page: www.samfak.gu.se
Email: samkansli@samfak.gu.se

Dean: Malin Broberg

About the unit

The Faculty of Social Sciences has the highest number of undergraduates in the University. Many of the most popular programmes at the University of Gothenburg are to be found here.

Psychology, European Studies, Social Work, and Human Resource Development and Labour Relations. The SOM Institute (Society, Opinion, Media) carries out media research and a large number of statistic surveys every year, for instance in the run-up to elections to the Swedish Parliament.

The faculty's programme in Public Administration was the first education programme to be accredited by the European Association for European Research.
Centres of research

The Faculty of Social Sciences also acts as host to other centres of research, among them the Centre for European Research (CERGU) and QoG - the Quality of Government Institute.

Senior officers

Malin Broberg, dean
Kristian Daneback, pro-dean
Sylva Frisk, assistant dean


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Name Title Phone Email
Christensen, Love Doctoral student +46 31 7863086 love.christensen@gu.se
Chua, Sherwin Doctoral student +46 31 7863485 sherwin.chua@jmg.gu.se
Davidovic, Dragana Doctoral student dragana.davidovic@gu.se
Dawson, Stephen Doctoral student +46 31 7861117 stephen.dawson@gu.se
de Donà, Matteo Doctoral student +46 31 7862417 matteo.de.dona@gu.se
Dwinger, Felix Doctoral student felix.dwinger@gu.se
Ejelöv, Emma Doctoral student +46 31 7864674 emma.ejelov@psy.gu.se
Eklund, Sanna Doctoral student +46 31 7865092 sanna.eklund@spa.gu.se
Ekström, Cecilia Doctoral student, Socio-economically under-privileged areas and youth, power, violence, identity and... cecilia.ekstrom@globalstudies.gu.se
Eriksson, Py Liv Doctoral student +46 31 7864674 py.eriksson@psy.gu.se
Firtin, Cemil Eren Doctoral student +46 31 7866171 eren.firtin@spa.gu.se
Friman, Jenny Doctoral student +46 31 7865913 jenny.friman@globalstudies.gu.se
Frödin Gruneau, Moa Doctoral student +46 31 7862984 moa.frodin.gruneau@gu.se
Gaber, Katrina Doctoral student +46 31 7865945 katrina.gaber@globalstudies.gu.se
Gafuri, Adea Doctoral student adea.gafuri@gu.se
Georgi, Richard Doctoral student +46 31 7864326 richard.georgi@gu.se
Gidlöf, Anna Doctoral student +46 31 7865723 anna.gidlof@gu.se
Glavå, Gustaf Doctoral student +46 31 7866347 gustaf.glava@psy.gu.se
Gröndal, Maria Doctoral student maria.grondal@psy.gu.se
Gyberg, Fanny Doctoral student +46 31 7861638 fanny.gyberg@psy.gu.se
Gångare, Emma-Lisa Doctoral student +46 31 7862920 emma-lisa.gangare@spa.gu.se
Hartmann, Felix Doctoral student +46 31 7865937 felix.hartmann@gu.se
Hellgren, Hanna Doctoral student +46 31 7861376 hanna.hellgren@spa.gu.se
Henriksson, Niké Doctoral student +46 31 7861688 nike.henriksson@psy.gu.se
Holt, Fanny Doctoral student +46 31 7865322 fanny.holt@socwork.gu.se
Hoxha, Eva Doctoral student +46 31 7861113 eva.hoxha@gu.se
Hyltegren, My Doctoral student my.hyltegren@socav.gu.se
Häll, Agneta Doctoral student agneta.hall@socav.gu.se
Håkansson, Helena Doctoral student helena.hakansson@gu.se
Irekvist, Moa Doctoral student +46 31 7865734 moa.irekvist@socwork.gu.se
Irgil, Ezgi Doctoral student ezgi.irgil@gu.se
Ivarsson, Sara Doctoral student +46 31 7864988 sara.ivarsson@jmg.gu.se
Jang, Minhwan Doctoral student minhwan.jang@psy.gu.se
Jansson, Tobias Doctoral student tobias.jansson@socwork.gu.se
Jesnes, Kristin Doctoral student kristin.jesnes@fafo.no
Johansson, Johannes Doctoral student +46 31 7863858 johannes.johansson@jmg.gu.se
Joleby, Malin Doctoral student +46 31 7864271 malin.joleby@psy.gu.se
Jonsson, Robin Doctoral student robin.jonsson@gu.se
Jung, Alexander Doctoral student +46 31 7862462 alexander.jung@gu.se
Järdmo, Caroline Doctoral student +46 31 7861673 caroline.jardmo@psy.gu.se
Jöst, Prisca Doctoral student prisca.jost@gu.se
Karlsson Valik, Andrea Doctoral student +46 31 7861673 andrea.valik@psy.gu.se
Kavasoglu, Yaman Berker Doctoral student +46 31 7863441 berker.kavasoglu@gu.se
Kazemi, Baharan Doctoral student baharan.kazemi@socwork.gu.se
Kehl, Katharina Doctoral student +46 31 7865067 katharina.kehl@gu.se
Kilaka, Benard Musembi Doctoral student +46 31 7866578 benard.kilaka@gu.se
Kraamwinkel-Jha, Nadine Doctoral student +46 31 7863536 nadine.kraamwinkel-jha@gu.se
Kristiansen, Mathias Levi Toft Doctoral student mathias.toft@gu.se
Kronman, Jenny Doctoral student +46 31 7865734 jenny.kronman@gu.se
Lagerlöf, Hannes Doctoral student +46 31 7866616 hannes.lagerlof@gu.se

Showing 101 - 150 of 851

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